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Tea is one amid the most preferred and consumed beverages by millions of people across the globe. Whether you prefer to drink cold, hot or warm tea, herbal tea has been accredited as the key contributor when it comes to boosting metabolism and weight loss. This is due to the fact that it comprises an exclusive blend making it the idyllic compliment to any routine diet. There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the best tea for weight loss. The following are few of the vital considerations to take into account.

Explore the Best varieties of teas for weight loss

Oolong tea – This tea variety is considered to be effective and fast fat burner, this property has made it to be the popular weight loss tea. Oolong also sometimes referred to as Wulong, contains a powerful quantity of polyohenols that aids to; block the fattening effects caused by carbohydrates, shed stubborn pounds or fats by enhancing the metabolism, boosts mental functions, prevent allergies, improves immune system and so on. The tea is renowned to have the combined vital properties of both black and green tea. Its great ability to block carbohydrates in blood and fat absorption is most beneficial in weight loss.

Green tea – This tea variety has had attained lots of good reviews and there are many benefits that allied with the this and some of the imperative one’s are as follows;

  • It consists of anti-ageing properties and antioxidants. Such antioxidants work effectively on the free radicals, which damage cells till they die and gradually progresses the aging process. Thus, green tea works on such free radicals and averts the death of cells in turn retarding aging.
  • It also reduces the threat of developing heart ailment. The antioxidants present in it prevents causing damages to the vital heart muscle cells.
  • The catechins compounds in green tea enhances metabolism and also its fat burning abilities boost weight loss.
  • It controls and reduces blood pressure as it dilutes the blood and averts it from clotting and blood thickening.

All in all, green tea is regarded as one amid the best tea for weight loss and for overall health benefits.

Pu-erh tea – The tea albeit not so popular, but provides some unique benefits and now, the researches has revealed that the tea can; aid reduce blood cholesterol level, stimulate weight loss, enhance fat metabolism thus facilitating in effective weight loss, and so on.

Apart from these, there is also yet another tea from the chrysanthemum flowers termed as ju hua. This herbal tea is considered to be excellent for relieving lots of health issues. It aids in digestion and also in weight loss.

There are lots of varieties of tea that’s effective for weight loss. Choosing the best one can certainly be a daunting task. Combining the vital varieties can prove to be extremely beneficial though. Based on your weight loss needs and considering your health status, you can select the one which can be helpful for your overall health.

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