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Calorie requirements widely vary from a person to another. No two individuals out there have the same needs. This is due to the fact that we all have varied body types and different activity levels. Typically, calories are a vital measure of specific energy, which body desires to function rightly.

Body mass, height, activity level, weight, and other such factors can all have a great impact on the amount of calories which one need to take in per day. Considering these factors and exploring what calorie levels you might get from taking in different foods will aid you find out how to calculate calories aptly to ideally maintain your overall health.

Ways to calculate calories you need per day

If you are wondering how to calculate calories, you require per day, and then there are many ways to know the same. The below described methods are the easy ones to consider;

Use online calculators – There are wide assortment of online calculators, which can aid you find out the number of calories you must be eating per day. Some of these are vitally designed to aid maintain your overall health whilst few others are designed to facilitate with weight loss, however they all mostly work the same. Enter relevant personal data like your age, height, or weight, and then select the sort of measurements that you would like to work with in order to obtain a count of calories you must be eating. BMR calculator can be helpful in this regard.

Calculate BMR – Online calculators that work with the basal metabolic rate or BMR can be utilized to calculate calories. This tends to calculate the required amount of energy essential to perform desirable functions like digestion, breathing, or heartbeat. The BMR for men can be calculated by multiplying 12.7 times the height + 6.23 times the weight in lbs – 6.8 times the age. For the obtained result, it is essential to add 66 in order to find out the total BMR. The same formula with slight changes applies to women. The formula involves multiplying 4.7 times the height plus 4.35 the weight minus 4.7 times the age and then add 665 in order to attain the total BMR.

Utilize Harris Benedict formula – This formula aids to identify your calorie requirements based on the activity level and BMR. There are many factors to be considered whilst calculating calories with the aid of this method such as the physical activity and so on.

Consider Muscle-to-Fat vital ratio – Bodies which contain more muscle tends to require more calories when compared to that which do not have very high muscle mass. As they weight more, so the people with obesity tend to overrate the number or amount of calories they require, leading to extra weight gain.

By understanding how to calculate calories you can keep track on your calorie intake and in turn can maintain ideal weight. You can even get aid from dietitians if you are yet unsure to calculate number of calories that you require to consume per day.

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